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I’ve been forced to ponder and ponder hard about life,
I have been left no choice but to see life for all its reality,
Life,the product of our choices,experiences,lately.Sat under the feet of a sage the other day. Inspired were his words. He said, ‘we are tolerant of ambiguity,discomfort and chaos.’ It isn’t entirely a bad thing, but it so happens that we have let it work against us. And since the good Lord wants to make sure I don’t forget that, He surrounds me with experiences that slap me to the rude reality.I’ve been forced to review my life,
To really view it through a microscopic lens,
And to see what it is I let slide off as the norm,what I’ve deemed acceptable
….lately. I didn’t like what I saw, I continue to dislike it now. My breath stinks from the silence I’ve chosen to perform. My heart, heavy within me for the burdens I’ve chosen to endure instead of brushing off.I have seen the world and all the madness we’ve brought upon it
I have seen injustice prevail,and many accept it and hail it
Why,only today, I have witnessed madness at its core,Let to run around loosely, let to damage and destroy.Lately, something has snapped within me,something that makes me write these words.I have decided to no longer keep quiet about these things…lately.
After all, a popularity contest, I’m not out to win!
I will rub many the wrong way, many who’ve built castles upon this path that’s astray.
Well to them I say,sorry but no way!
Lately, I’ve taken on a new battle,and an awakening within me I’ve found!
If this is what I was created for, then count me in line!
Who shall fight life’s greatest battle, till it’s one day, fine!

God gave me a brain that I may give Him a break!’ ‘

By Nanjira

Perched at the intersection of tech & governance, media, culture.