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C.H.A.N.G.E. (It fostered the worst marriage ever!)

Change…a phobia or a fantasy? An illusion,or a reality? I can’t wrap my head around this word,and what it really means. I’m sure there’s some fantastic statistic out there on how often this word is used,especially in Africa…if you happen to come across it,do share. I’m currently enjoying the simple pleasures of blogging via email,thus and therefore, looking for said statistic is a rumour! As my introducer to said blogging method says, ‘it’s a lazy man’s way to blog!’


Anyway, what is change? Where is it? Anyone got its address?
We look at the older generation in our country,the shotcallers, the change-blockers,and some words,emotions stir up within us. They are the problem! What,with their archaic and demodé ways of thinking and reasoning. Utterly frustrating. One of my friends told me this week how as a software engineer,he’s considered an overpaid typist by the old-folk! WTH?! Right? Lol!


Now,on to our generation, the world changers and what not. We all talk of being the change we wanna see,and in many ways we’ve seen that come true. In this wonderful world wide web, enyewe hands down, we’ve made even the older folk either retire early,or sit in at IAT for some classes.


I am very passionate about governance. No,not politics,but governance. I think,why we haven’t,we don’t and we might not see change is because of the nasty marriage these two entities have been forced into,especially in Africa. It’s a disastrous marriage,but one we tolerate and enable, especially when we ignore it. It’s like learning to sleep through a thorough fight between the couple next door!


Yes,we wanna be the change we want to see…hallelujah! But until we break up this marriage, all our efforts will be ephemeral,euphoric, at best. Soon washed away by the nasty effects of said marriage. We may not see it, actually, I think we do…what it is is that we may not be willing to acknowledge that this hideous marriage of the abusive husband, Politics and the stoic wife, Governance, affects every possible facet of society. And what’s our strategy? You guessed it, turning the other way, deafening the incessant din…and literally sending our country to the proverbial dogs!


Be the change you want to see.’ Mahatma Gandhi was it? It is very,and I mean,very possible for us to replace the older folk in the life cycle, as perpetrators of that heinous marriage. They,too,were Young Turks at some point. If they weren’t Freedom Fighters,they fought for democracy. I refer you to a very insightful documentary by veteran journalist, Hilary Ng’weno, ‘Making of A Nation’. You can find almost each of these ‘waheshimiwas’ in there,and frankly,they may not be entirely undeserving of aforementioned title. I mean,these guys defied some serious odds, bridged the gap between two very different Africas. If we were to look past their madness, there is some element of respect we owe them. But it takes some serious searching for that respect.


They facilitated the nuptuals between two very similar,yet very different entities. And unless we see that for the fact that it is, our children will silently be cursing us to our graves,now that the world doesn’t seem to have come to an end (at least on my timezone),and readying themselves to ‘be the change they wanna see’.


Again I ask, change. a phobia or a fantasy? An illusion or a reality? Are you a perpetrator of Africa’s worst marriage,or are you strategizing a divorce, a complete separation?



By Nanjira

Perched at the intersection of tech & governance, media, culture.