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A curation of interviews, talks, op-eds by/featuring yours truly.

You can also check out my op-eds for Kenya’s Daily Nation (2014-2017) here.


For covid-19 contributions, check out Thinking in a time of corona.

Taking on the Tech Titans: Reclaiming our Data Commons (webinar by the Transnational Institute)

TL;DR☝🏾 : I reflected on some strands, beyond technical aspects on how we take on ‘big tech’ and the urgency of international/institutionalised civil society to lead in walking the talk with respect to values like dignity, justice and diversity. I also point out some of the impracticalities for ‘marginalised majorities’ in the emerging alternatives and tactics to challenge the perverse ‘digital social contracts’ we find ourselves in.

Opening Talk: Latitude Digital Festival

I joined Nikhita Dawan and Souleymane Bachir Diagne for this timely discussion spanning the scope of the festival’s themes: 1)racism, identity and memory 2)economic and digital (in)equality 3) dealing with cultural artefacts and retribution.

Reimagining the Internet: Roadmaps to Digital Equality

I had the pleasure and honour of curating and moderating this panel (at the Latitude Digital Festival) of amazing women of colour working on this topic. (Proposed takeaway: creating a ‘new normal’ where non-male, non-western voices shape global discourses, without being pigeonholed into the narrow ‘global South discussions’ framing).

Feature TV Interview (for) Latitude Digital Festival

Simply complicated: On technological solutions in the global South.

Recalibrating our energy: Is all that glitters with digital technologies really climate action gold?

It Is Our Task to Ensure That Human Rights and Values Drive Digital Technologies (Interview with Bosch Stiftung)

Connecting the other 50 percent (Interview with GIZ)


Recapping 2019: a special podcast interview with Dickens Olewe

BBC 100 Women 2019: Who is on the list this year? (Yours truly was! 😊)

On Conferences/Events about Africa(ns)

How NOT to do Digital Development

What is Digital Equality? An interview with the World Economic Forum.

The poli-tricks of tl;dr: the technical is political (Opening Keynote at re:publica 2019)

Meaningful Access to the Internet (Opening Keynote at NORAD Conference 2019: Digitalisation and Development)

Trust in Tech: A New Paradigm for Democracy, Government and Governance Online (Panel Discussion at the Kigali Global Dialogue 2019)

Artificial Intelligence: Social and Political Impacts (Panel discussion at the 2019 Tallinn Digital Summit)

Equality in the Digital Age (Interview with the Goethe Institute)

Aujourd’hui l’économie, le portrait: Nanjira Sambuli, l’enfant d’internet

‘Like Me’- The popularity and power of big tech (A video interview for Al Jazeera English, 2019)

Unpacking Access (Panel session at the Stockholm Internet Forum, 2019)

Doesn’t that ever stop? On age-old problems being reproduced on the internet (Interview with the Goethe Institute)

Opportunities and Challenges for Artificial Intelligence in Media (Panel discussion at the Global Media Forum 2019)

L’accès à Internet en tant que bien public et droit fondamental (Talk at the OuiShare Festival 2019 – it’s in English!)


Back to Basics, for the #NextLevel (Opening keynote at the inaugural re:publica Accra)

MindsTalk – Digital (In)Equalities: How to ensure equal access for all (Panel session at the Global Media Forum 2018.

Femme the Future: Kenyan Digital Equality Advocate Nanjira Sambuli takes on Global Digital Cooperation

Another Side of Being a Tech Geek (Lightning Talk at Nairobi Ideas Night)

The New Digital Divide: What we must avoid while connecting the next billion Internet users

New Technologies and the Global Goals

Africa’s offline gender gap is being replicated online

Digitalisation: Access for everyone


Digital Citizenship in the Silicon Savannah

On the Backseat with Sunny Bindra (fun interview, literally on the backseat of a van!)

Closing the Digital Gender Divide (Keynote at Mozfest)

Women, the Web and the Future of Work

How Kenya became the latest victim of ‘fake news’

Can Kenya pull off a second election within 60 days?

Fake News Has Swept Through Kenya. Now, Voters Must Decide What To Believe.


Let’s admit it: open government is political

Digitalisation: Providing and limiting freedom

Free Basics: Free of charge, but limited in scope

During and After Atrocity: How Kenyans use the web to heal and deal

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