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Technologist. Curious observer. Thinker. Worker bee. Kenyan.

Thinking out loud on the Internet, Twitter especially…

I currently am the Digital Equality Advocacy Manager at the Web Foundation, which means I manage advocacy efforts to promote digital equality in access to and use of the Web, with a particular focus on the  Foundation’s Women’s Rights Online work.

Previously the Head of Research at iHub, where I have been providing strategic guidance for growth of technology research in the East Africa region and supports the team to surface information useful for the emerging technology ecosystem in Africa.

Past hats donned in the new media space: worked with Sandstorm Kenya, UN-Habitat, UNEP to name a few.

Also worked with awareness campaigns/initiatives across the Africa: Mzalendo: Eye on Kenyan Parliament, Kenya Feb 28, Africans Act 4 Africa, Sandstorm Kenya among others.

I had the pleasure of editing the Innovative Africa: The New Face of Africa essay collection and have contributed to various publications, including on Kenya’s media policy (on the role of social media).

I am a Trustee at mySociety, a leading civic tech organisation. I sit on the advisory board of Sum of Us, also a board member at the Media Policy Research Centre, and a member of the Networked News Lab. All are great organisations; privileged to be involved with them!

As of March 2016, I was invited to join the first ever UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment. Pushing for commitment to action: the research, the rhetoric is there, time for all to put their money where their mouths are.

A Google Search may have returned results indicating an ephemeral musical career. That is indeed part of my life adventure thus far.

Conviction: Africa is not poor, just mismanaged; a statement that I’m keen on ensuring becomes a reality. Africa’s storytellers, scholars, denizens and netizens are connecting/educating/raising awareness online, all informing the richesse and diversity on the continent.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet. You can also find me writing for the Daily Nation. Other publications and more academic writings are listed here.

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For a more formal bio, see below:


Nanjira is a researcher, policy analyst and advocacy strategist interested in and working on understanding the unfolding impacts of ICT adoption and how those impact governance, innovation, entrepreneurship and societal culture, with a keen focus on gender implications.

She  is the Digital Equality Advocacy Manager at the Web Foundation, where she manages advocacy efforts to promote digital equality in access to and use of the Web, with a particular focus on the Foundation’s Women’s Rights Online work. She was previously the Research Lead at iHub, Nairobi, where she provided strategic guidance for growth of technology research in the East Africa region and supportedthe team to surface information useful for the emerging technology ecosystem in Africa.

With iHub Research, Nanjira developed a framework for assessing the Viability, Verification, and Validity of Crowdsourcing, an online dangerous speech monitoring project, Umati, currently running in Kenya, Nigeria and South Sudan, and a publication on ICT and Governance (Civic Tech Landscape) in East Africa. Nanjira is also the editor of Innovative Africa: The new face of Africa, a series of essays on the emerging African technology landscape. She is an avid writer and commentator on technology and society, writing a column for the Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya and occasionally for international press, as well as publishing papers on a range of issues, from Social Media and Journalism in Kenya, to Cybersecurity and Net Neutrality considerations for the African ICT Policy space.

Nanjira is also a Trustee at mySociety (UKCOD), sits on the Advisory Board (Africa) for Sum of Us, and is also a board member at Kenya’s Media Policy Research Centre, with whom she has published a working paper on the changing media landscape in the country as impacted by social media.  She is supporting the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment by working with various leaders to demonstrate high-level leadership and renewed commitment and action towards making women’s economic empowerment a reality in our lifetime.