General Musings

The Mediocrity Soup Kitchen

Hello all, welcome to tonight’s edition of the common dishes that make up Africa’s impoverished status.
Tonight, I’ll take you through one of the most common delicacies all around Africa’s governance. You guessed it, mediocrity. How does one create this delicacy you ask? Well, look no further:)

Ingredients are: 
.Old-fashioned thinking, a constant addition of refusal to catch up with the times.
.A sufficient absence of passion
.A pinch of lack of opportunity
.A bucket load of disingenuity
.An overwhelming desire to know it all, have it all, control it all.

Spices that can be used include:
.Self-righteousness(the I-can-do-it-all-so-why-delegate mentality, in right proportions of course)
.A lack of moral guidance/depravity
.An acquired skill of adding salt to injury…

This soup can be prepared in many forms, depending on the generation you desire to prepare it for.
For the old-school generation, the one that refuses to relinquish power even past it’s time, avarice is the main ingredient. It must come in huge proportions to make mediocrity as good as you’ve all seen it. To avarice, when boiled to the right temperatures, can be added the spice of insecurity which often is added when avarice leads to positions of power in the aforementioned temperatures. To insecurity, add nepotism, to nepotism, add ineptitude, and your soup is good to go.

For the young turks, the dot com generation, possibly the generation likely to come across this recipe, it goes as follows:
The main ingredient, disillusionment. Why? Because of seeing how well the previous generation makes this dish, this generation unknowingly sets out to make its own recipe.
Disillusionment ought to be carefully whisked in high temperatures to obtain the desired whirl-windy kind of feel to it. At those high temperatures, it births a sufficient lack of passion, at which point your ingredients can be swayed in any direction. Banking, tax auditing, the ‘usual’ professions. Now at this point, it can go in various ways. The most popular, works like a charm, is preserving the concoction for years and years, to ferment to the right state of chagrin and discontentment. The soup can be served in that form, or better still, chilled further to create apathy. Now at this point, the mediocrity soup is highly intoxicating. Many who’ve taken it at this state have never turned back. The course of their lives entails a bowl of mediocrity soup every day.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen of all ages. Two of the most popular ways to create the delicious mediocrity soup that mama Africa loves all too much.
Do feel free to share any other recipes, prices and ingredients that you have found to be in effect. Thank you.:)