Tech 4 Traffic: Insights, Platforms and Suggestions (Part 2)


In Part 1 of the series, the tech-driven platforms showcased at the Tech 4 Traffic  event were profiled. The fact that from a policy perspective, we have the problem figured out all wrong was also introduced, as was shared by Dr. Eric Aligula,acting Executive Director of the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA).



The insights shared by the kind policy chief are captured in a series of infographics below(mostly self-explanatory):

From a policy perspective, the role of transport is hinged on the cost effective MOBILITY of people and goods, not so the movement of vehicles. Therefore any traffic/transport solution,tech-oriented  or otherwise,must serve the former for it to be truly efficient.

In addition, the mean daily trip generation(number of trips/person) is 4.29(average), and the average total daily waiting times(in minutes/person) is 63.77(average).




Road crashes are a consequence of the interaction between the supply of (transport infrastructure) and demand for transport services.  Status of road crash patterns is one indicator of the performance of this interaction.

(Kenya’s road crash patterns have been on a steady incline since 1963, with a slight decline in 2004,during the peak of Michuki Rules‘ effectiveness.)

Check out part 3 for suggestions/propositions on the way forth as regards Nairobi’s road safety,traffic management.