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Confessions Of Aquila

After much thought, reflection, wishful thinking, actual thinking and indirect pressure from the number of tweets I receive in a day that have a link to a blog, not to mention a very horrifying experience in which I listened to a man go on and on about his blog, only for him to open his facebook page and render me stupendous, I have decided ergh..even I can do this blogging thing.Moral of the story, peer pressure, especially of this kind I find myself bowing to, is not good. To go with the trending topic on my timeline, #GoteaHiyoRisto.The phrase ‘Confessions of Aquila’ came to me when I chose to take a social network sabbatical, sometime in February. I remember thinking that I needed to fly with the eagles…and hence the genesis of blogging idea.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls(who should not be on my blog, or know what one is just yet… #jussaying), adjudicators, judges, critics and all other people out there on the big WWW, I present to you, Confessions of Aquila the story…welcome.
*clears throat, insert high pitched voice*

I am aquila. My uniqueness lies in the rarity of my breed. My beauty lies in my build. My keen eyesight helps me spot things from afar, things that many others wouldn’t notice even if they were right infront of their noses; foresight, they call it. They(not too sure who they are..) say that pound for pound, my wing is stronger than that of an airplane (booya!). Well to that I say, I am endowed with remarkable strength! 🙂 *insert copious amounts of modesty*

Ordinary, I am not. My ways are less than popular, conventional. My chosen method of learning is from observation of even those things that are often dismissed as mundane. I tend to be disconcerted by the ways of others who aren’t like me. Their cuckooing and hullabalooing unnerves me, that of crows especially. When this happens, I spread my wings and soar into the silence of greater heights where I belong. In those heights lies my freedom, heights to which most do not reach.

Does that make me snobbish? I know not, and frankly, I care not. Yet, I must confess, in my freedom, in the heights of my freedom, a time does come when the loneliness of my surroundings creeps in. I look around me, and much as I love the serenity, the calm, I yearn for,well….more.

And so, I descend…after much contention of thought, I join in with the rest. There are times when their cuckooing almost sounds musical, leaves something to be desired. Yet, after not too long a while, I’m reminded as to why I flap my wings, and use them to their full potential. Much as I admire popularity as much as any of God’s creations, it does come at too great a cost on these lowly heights. Conformity is the name of the game. Conforming to restlessness, myopia, senselessness, sheer lack of direction…all in a bid to fit in? Then I’m reminded, who wants to be lonely?

I confess, many a time, I am torn between the two. But no matter how much I try to settle, to compromise, to conform, however good and safe and comforting it may be to fly in a crowd, I simply do not belong. I wanna be part of it all, I wanna contribute to the music that occasionally is, but it’s ever so ephemeral, ever so euphoric.

So, back to my heights it is! After all, they too must admire that about me, right? I must be something of an admiration, so why deny them the opportunity to test their wings and attain these heights that are an ease for me? Wouldn’t it be better, even more enjoyable a tune if they came to my level?

I am aquila. The rarity is in my breed, ingrained into the very core of my creation. The loneliness is a small price to pay to live as I was created to.

Thank you. *bows and curtsies profusely*

By Nanjira

Perched at the intersection of tech & governance, media, culture.