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A curation of interviews, talks, op-eds by/featuring yours truly. You can also check out my op-eds for Kenya’s Daily Nation (2014-2017) here. 2020 Taking on the Tech Titans: Reclaiming our Data Commons (webinar by the Transnational Institute) TL;DR☝🏾 : I reflected on some strands, beyond technical aspects on how we take on ‘big tech’ and […]


Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Internet Access in Developing Countries while upholding Net Neutrality

Abstract Net neutrality deliberations go hand in hand with discussions of upholding and preserving the openness of the Internet, widely perceived as a precondition to the realisation of the Internet’s potential. This is particularly relevant with access to the Internet being increasingly accepted as a basic right. Rules and regulations to uphold net neutrality exist […]