The Queen

Many love poems that are quoted by men to women describe ‘the one’, they go on to paint a picture of this woman who was God’s special masterpiece and what not. And,truth be told, every woman, deep down, wants to be that woman for her man.

In high school, I came across this poem. It forever changed my perception of love poems. Pablo Neruda paints the same picture, but his expression of love to his queen is not popular. Check it out and let me know what you think. Continue reading “The Queen”

Hymn To The Sun

If I were to attribute my love and appreciation for African literature to any one author,it would be,without a doubt,one Chinua Achebe!(And I’m not alone!) As Things Fall Apart was to my parents’ generation, A Man Of The People and Anthills Of The Savannah are to me: Eye-opening, epiphany-generating,thought-provoking.

This elegiac ode, from Anthills Of The Savannah, is an appropriate share,because many of us utter these lamentations,in one way or another,to the sun. So as you go about this afternoon,in Nairobi’s unpredictable heat,it might do you good to read through these here words,and hopefully you’ll rush to get a copy of this legend’s work! Enjoy! Continue reading “Hymn To The Sun”