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#TwitterBigDebate about #TwitterBigStick: A Recap

If you roam the twitter-in-Kenya streets often, the #TwitterBigStick  hashtag is no new phenomenon to you. Based on the Big Stick ideology(via Mark Kaigwa), and coined by Sunny Bindra, its use has involved calling out overlapping tendencies by diplomat cars, school buses, privately owned and public service vehicles(whose license plates have been tagged;a dime a dozen they are), to critiquing poor bank service.

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I,for one, have had very mixed feelings about its efficacy, but I also appreciate its effectiveness in eliciting response/feedback from corporates. However, its limitations glare at me, and being one to envision all-roundedness and sustainability, I felt the need to rope in Sunny into a twitter dialogue, not the first time, but to gauge how it fares. I noticed that he often has to retweet most if not all #TwitterBigStick mentions, and it made me wonder how dependent it all is on him. (There also is #TwitterThumbsUp to praise good service)

Below is a recap of the dialogue;archived at the request of many, including the participants.  ( The following has been made possible by an awesome new(ish) feature by twitter: embed tweets. It enables you to capture tweets, and twitter conversations generated via the ‘reply’ button, and export them via HTML(for widget format), shorcode or links. Read more on how to make use of  this useful twitter addition here.)

DISCLAIMER: This might be a bit lengthy, will interject it with some side notes here and there. There might be what seems like repetition of tweets; limitations on how to export the conversation.

The genesis of the conversation:

An interesting response/testimony to how #TwitterBigStick’s influenced an offline company:




Lorna Irungu then shared her use of the hashtag to inform companies:










At this point, I roped in Muthoni Maingi, who recently wrote an article sharing her thoughts on the hashtag and its use. Click link for article….but be sure to come back here, it just got interesting! 🙂






— Muthoni Maingi (@NonieMG) April 12, 2012