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Kenyans 4 Kenya: Content Is King!!!

I contemplated, for one regrettable second, to ‘draw inspiration’ for this post’s title from this headline that has been properly addressed by Media Madness aka @mediaMK (and since redone), but I puked a little at the thought. (Moral of the story: do not go with such silly headlines in the name of trying to popularize articles!)

Back to the reason we are here. What is going on? I refer to this Kenyans 4 Kenya business. I think we’ve reached that point we can have the ‘adult conversations’ around this matter. Any (true) resident of the world wide web knows this to be true: CONTENT IS KING!! The good folk at Wikipedia have put it very well:

The phrase can be interpreted to mean that – without original and desirable content, or consideration for the rights and commercial interests of content creators – any media venture is likely to fail through lack of appealing content, regardless of other design factors.’

That being said, let’s look into the ‘key players’ behind this initiative, and their web content, shall we? Why are we doing this you ask? Well, in many a society, whenever there’s a new kid on the block, you check ’em out, do a background search, you know…try figure out what they are about. This initiative was launched on twitter(social media), to my utter disdain(story for another day). I respected the fact that they were addressing a need, but like I said, it’s time for some real talk.

1. Kenyans 4 Kenya.

I am not happy with this website. Here’s why. If you took the time to register this domain, if you took the time to work out the webpage (calling it a website is actually a lie), if you can remind me to donate to this initiative round the clock and fill my twitter timeline, surely then you have time to share some information on what is/has/will be done. You’ve been around for what, close to 3 weeks now? And not even a basic statement on what Kenyans 4 Kenya is about! Just what is now becoming emotional manipulation. The whole point of a website is to spend time on it! So what in the world are you trying to achieve by sending me away??

2. Kenya Red Cross.

I get it. You guys had a job to do,and whoever was gonna help you do it was not going to be turned away.  This is what you have to say about what you do:

“The Kenya Red Cross Society is constitutionally mandated with the responsibility of assisting the Kenyan Government carry out humanitarian work in times of peace or conflict. Natural disasters such as drought, famine, floods.”

(To me, it kinda sounds like the KE government should have been headlining current efforts…but hey. How are you currently carrying out the responsibility of assisting them?)

No further sentiments as to the nature/quality of your website, but at least there’s enough  information to shed some insight. Your site even returns results on Kenyans 4 Kenya. But the question still begs, who/what is Kenyans 4 Kenya? In other words,in true 8-4-4 fashion: Define Kenyans 4 Kenya. (20 mks). (Hint: This is an essay-type question.)

3. Safaricom Ltd.

The Kenyans 4 Kenya web page is an exact replica of yours. I will cut you some slack though, simply because when it comes to sharing your own content, y’all are doing a pretty decent job.

4. Gina Din

So your site has Kenyans 4 Kenya somewhere on the top right side of your homepage. (Quick one, please add a search engine on your homepage, much easier/faster to find content). However, whatever intel there is heavily assumes that I know what Kenyans 4 Kenya is. As the PR firm in charge of this initiative,I preach this sermon to you, CONTENT IS KING. If my sermon isn’t satisfactory, I refer you here. Thank me later.

5. KCB

It took a thorough search to finally find some acceptable explanation to what/why Kenyans 4 Kenya. Seems to be the only one around, too…

Real talk. For an initiative parading itself on social media platforms, you are really failing in the generation of content. And just so that we are clear, boring audit reports don’t count for proper content, just necessary stuff because we are entitled to them. You have asserted yourselves as the brand to identify with when it comes to feeding Kenya. Then do the job from end-to-end! Content is King.

I have a few other issues to address, but let me wrap up this sermonette. I most certainly hope you will apply these teachings to your ways. This is an initiative to be referred to in posterity( I’d like to believe). Some gloomy-looking page with some huge countdown just won’t cut it,unless it’s counting down to the apocalypse!!

Repeat after me. Content is king!!! Now generate some!! Here’s a good starting point. Why did you change the target to Kshs. 1 billion?


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