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What Do You Do? The Case of The Foolish Child and Naïve Parents.

Imagine this. For some,this might be/have been an experience,so recall this:

A trusted child. Parents have complete and utter confidence in him/her,and as such,they’ve entrusted them(child) with just about everything. When asked,they say that theirs is a dependable,responsible,credible child.

Yet,as it turns out,said child is anything but! All that the poor parents boast about are fallacies fed them through a mastery of pretense. The child’s true self is less than undesirable. Depraved,avaricious and well…foolish…is the child.

Years go by,and the child’s duplicity goes unnoticed. He/she abuses the resources availed him/her. With no one to question him/her, he/she loses all inhibitions,exposing himself/herself for a proper bust! And busted they are! One fine day, the parents catch their erstwhile trustworthy child with his/her metaphorical pants down.

What do you do? As the child? As the parent?

Behold,I present thee with examples of such a child. (Gender equality observed.)

Case Study 1


Case Study 2

This is but one result of their unmonitored ‘freedom’.

I will give you a moment to review the case studies.

I need not analogise the parents.

It is said, ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. To this we have nodded our heads in agreement.(We are back to life,back to reality).

I’ll admit, having put my analogy into perspective,that using the rod on such children isn’t as easy,but I don’t recall a time when parenting was a walk in the park.

What do you do to such children? Here are some of the options,feel free to share any other:

1.Excuse their bad behaviour and possibly cover their mess.

2.Ignore any and all warning and carry on with life,hoping for some miracle of reformation for the child.

3.Wallow in sadness and depression over said child/children.

4.Sit them down and demand an explanation.

5.Beat the crap out of them!

Mama Kenya cries. Her children have failed her. What do we do,we who bear her baton of parenthood?


By Nanjira

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