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Someone Has To Live In A Better Africa

Let’s face it, it may well not be us.It is,however,very possible to at least catch a glimpse of a better Africa,a prosperous Africa,before the dusk of our lives approaches.I realize that we haven’t accepted this fact. The backlog of atrocities and injustices against our motherland predate our generation,and we have done quite well piling onto them.This morning,on my twitter timeline, one of my friends posted this link on how France has its claws deep in Africa’s resources

It has sparked a debate, as would be expected. It is unfortunate,what they have/are doing, but our forefathers signed off this continent to our former colonizers,and as such many of them need only sit back and count the coins they deplete from our national coffers.

We are living at the height of the ‘Information is Power’ age. We have dug out the atrocities,the untold history. Now what? Are we going to cry foul? Or are we gonna use this information at least bring to a halt the underlying madness??

Someone has to live in a better Africa!

I’ve been asked many a time what it is we should do. 2012 is an election year in Kenya, a year when those buggers called leaders come to sweet talk votes out of neglected constituents. With a New Constitution,the ‘darting’ will only get worse with all the more positions to aspire for. I still do not understand why we fall for the same old lines and spend another 4 years cursing them,yet we often don’t realize that they represent the best of us. When it comes down to choice,we put them back in office.

Here’s my point. We have such an opportunity to do things differently. Kenya,for all its flaws,is a country blessed with remarkable intellect,innovation and creativity. It is time we turned these desirable values from simply working for us individually to working for the nation! Kenya’s success in rallying up its creative,innovative and intellectual pool of citizens to dictate the forthcoming journey to elections will spill over to the East African region. The possibility of being divided along intellectual differences is a possibility. Politicians and political aspirants have already turned to the powerful tool that is social media to steer their campaigns. We who are residents of the world wide web have our work cut out for us!

Are we ready to do what it takes?

I repeat,someone has got to live in a better Africa!


By Nanjira

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