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Is There A Place For Collective Effort in Africa?

I might get fried for this one,but someone has to ask.

Ok,we are charged,we are awakening/have awakened to the Kenyan reality,and it isn’t a rosy picture. It doesn’t sit well for most of us,and so we wanna do something to alleviate the situation. Mind you,this not only applies to the drought/food crisis,but to many other ‘Kenyan realities’.

Why aren’t we rallying behind one initiative for one cause? Why the duplication of effort? Why the subtle competition? I know that not too many are of this school of thought,and that the bottom line is what matters. But wouldn’t it be that much more effective if we tapped into the ‘Power of One’?

I fear that as much as we may get the job done, we won’t have done much for the sense of national pride and unity,something we really need! I fear that even for the mwananchi to whom these initiatives will be thrust for their contribution will be in contention as to which to support.

I addressed (in my previous post, Nataka Kuwa Mkenya Mzalendo) the opportunities that lie in the midst of these adversities;great,redemptive ones. I am of the school of thought that it doesn’t matter who got aboard/created the change wagon first! If I share the same destination,I ought to jump onto the already existent and moving wagon,not build my own from scratch.

Let me be very clear. I am not dampening anyone’s effort. But surely, how then do we measure the collective ‘fruit of our labour’? Basic math will let us know how much money was raised through the various media,but when shall we speak of a time when our national pride was rebuilt because we worked towards one goal,through one channel of effort?

It may be wishful thinking,but there’s more to the words of the National Anthem,more to the virtue ‘unity’ that we ought to look into.

As you were.


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