Why We Should Give A Damn About Kenya’s Politics.

Yes, I know. Many of us hear the word ‘politics’ and want to puke. I get it!

Before I go any further, just how many of us have taken time out to delve into the subject matter that is politics, to understand its definition?origin? I often hear talk of matters being ‘politicized’ and I’m left to wonder just what that means. While I agree that said word’s definition and context is subjective, I think it’s safe to conclude that it has nothing but a negative connotation in Kenya. In fact it would seem that Kenyan politics has been the total sum of actions of a select few(who selected them?) that do not resonate with the national pulse. What do we despise? Is it the institution or the people who’ve stepped up to it and morphed into behemoths of corruption,greed and just about any other vice under the sun?
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Of Kenyans And Our Peculiarity: Part 3

The more I ponder over this matter,the more I realize just how true and defining the word ‘peculiar’ is for Kenya and her people.

Mine is the second generation since independence. All we know about pre-independent Kenya is from classroom work. Our parents were born right around that once monumental time so even they learnt all about it,never much experienced it.

My generation,on matters Kenyan,is lethargic and almost apathetic. We have our justifications all intact. I have read books(truthfully,it was cramming in History class),on the freedom struggle and what not,more recently,watched Hilary Ng’weno’s ‘The Making Of A Nation’, a 7 hour,captivating recap of all that happened since Kenya was colonized,up until multi-partyism….to take that journey. In the end, I was angry and infuriated. You’d have to watch it to understand my sentiments. Continue reading “Of Kenyans And Our Peculiarity: Part 3”