Wining and Dining with Kenya’s Primaries: #DinnerWithPM

When I posed this rhetoric a couple of months ago, little did I know just how quickly my words would call out for answers/response. Well, here we are.

The past week has been a very interesting one. On Tuesday,August 30th, the long awaited #DinnerWithPM finally materialized. Then on Thursday, September 1st, the #VPMeetup came to be. Having attended both, gotta share my thoughts/opinions/findings/insights…

(If you don’t know who this is….sigh…)

Of course, for both forums, it was asked to submit questions as to what one would like to discuss with either party.

Now into the meat of it all. Continue reading “Wining and Dining with Kenya’s Primaries: #DinnerWithPM”

Feeding Kenya: It’s Not That Systems Haven’t Been There!

Through corporate Kenya’s effort, we are feeding Kenya. To use the twitter hash tags: #Kenyans4Kenya, we are/have/shall #feedKE

I understand, there was a need, and the need is being addressed. To every Kenyan, and indeed, any well-wisher who has donated to these worthy initiatives in some way or other, thank you is too small a phrase to show appreciation! Kenyans have indeed proven to have hearts of gold, to be a compassionate lot, able to rally behind a cause and make a significant mark/change.

Now I ask: Why is it that we didn’t rally behind the government? Continue reading “Feeding Kenya: It’s Not That Systems Haven’t Been There!”