Wining And Dining With Kenya’s Primaries: #ManRapho

One fine Thursday evening, the email came. It was titled, ‘Meet and Greet Hon. Tuju‘. It was an invitation to the KE blogger community to march towards the very confusing Upper Hill area to meet Rapho and listen to his vision for Kenya, critique his agenda seeing as we represent a very important interest group…bla bla bla…you know the usual.  Thursday evening invite for a Friday morning meetup. As in Friday, the following day. I had a few words for the Tuju team, but thankfully, my dear friend, @archermishale addressed the gaping insult. His post on politicians and social media, is a must read. [ Note to anyone who wants to meet with bloggers. We aren’t a bunch of wierdos who sit by their computers, clicking away at the interwebs and waiting upon thy beckoning to events. It’s a bit too ambitious to expect us to show up at an eleventh-hour invites. We are just as deserving of the same courtesy and apt time frame extended to any other interest group.] Continue reading “Wining And Dining With Kenya’s Primaries: #ManRapho”

Is There A Place For Collective Effort in Africa?

I might get fried for this one,but someone has to ask.

Ok,we are charged,we are awakening/have awakened to the Kenyan reality,and it isn’t a rosy picture. It doesn’t sit well for most of us,and so we wanna do something to alleviate the situation. Mind you,this not only applies to the drought/food crisis,but to many other ‘Kenyan realities’.

Why aren’t we rallying behind one initiative for one cause? Why the duplication of effort? Why the subtle competition? I know that not too many are of this school of thought,and that the bottom line is what matters. But wouldn’t it be that much more effective if we tapped into the ‘Power of One’? Continue reading “Is There A Place For Collective Effort in Africa?”

Nataka Kuwa Mkenya Mzalendo

Not too long ago, I told someone that Kenya could be a nation of brilliant,innovative,entrepreneurial minds…but with no food to eat. I never thought that I’d come as close as I have to witnessing this very near reality.

I salute the great minds putting Kenya on the world map,especially in technology and athletics,a standing ovation to all those making history on said fronts,and any others!

Meanwhile,we are making history on the other side as well. Negative history. The story currently being told of Kenya is disheartening,to put it very lightly. As someone has so rightly put it,now,more than ever before,we are a hungry,and an angry nation. Continue reading “Nataka Kuwa Mkenya Mzalendo”